I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, lots going on at Casa Otero, so, I decided to make my early morning wakeup call a bit more productive and headed over to my beach to catch a sunrise.
While we had some clouds, and they are generally good for sunrise pictures, I much prefer that they do not obstruct the horizon so you can see the sun coming up. So, I looked around to see who was here with me and, as always, there are plenty of subjects that can help add some life into my pictures. From lovers to lone early morning risers to fishermen to even a bride to be… who, I guess, had a throw-away dress.

These were shot with a Sony a6000 and some of the images have been altered for more artistic effect.

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Sunday Morning Sunrise

Natures’ designs

I went to a local park with a student of mine to play with depth of field when we came upon these beautiful flowers that had just been watered. I couldn’t help but pull out my camera as well and take advantage of the wonderful light. So, it became a lesson in depth of field and the use of light. Check out my website to see more of my work or how to contact me if you want to try some one-on-one photo tutoring. Rolando Otero Photography